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Friday, September 09, 2011


Tallulah - joined September 2011

Hallos:) mai name iz Tallulah an i amz 4 and a haff. mi mumi gibs mi lots ov nic names - lulu, stinky (but i iz not!), lulabelle, tullywoollyknickers :)
dadi fownd me on der windowsill one caturday morning an i haz been der boss ov der howse ebur since cos i iz der PWINSESS. Mumi tryed to gets me a baby bruvver but i gots vewy upset, i wunt mumi alls to miselfs. Mi dadi teazes mi all der tiems but i forgibs him when he gibs mi a head scratch. I iz a berry shy gurl wifs uvver puddytats but i lubs peeple. i also lubs sweepings! sweep iz der bestest. I lub cuddles, being nursed liek a babba an fishie noms:) xo

Tallulah & I met on Facebook, her username is: Tallulah Sneddon.


  1. I know a pretty lady like you who loves cuddles from her human (but she would never admit it!). Nice to meet you, Tallulah.

  2. Oh Tallulah, my mommy is just in LOVE with arodable precious beautiful girl.


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