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Friday, September 09, 2011


Sky - joined September 2011

I am a beautiful spoilt 9 year old I am a QUEEN!!...I know how to manipulate my hoomans with little effort...tha way it should bee! My momma an daddy has had mee since I waz a runt in tha litter ov siblings frum mi fur momma whom passed shortlee after our fur aunt took over az momma an raised all 6 of us mi siblings got wunderful homes mi momma didn't want to part frum me an I became theirs...

My hoomans say I am one of tha finickiest eaters they ever met! I only like one type of crunchers noms (IAMS) and onlee one kind of wet took mi momma a long time to find tha correct kind I will not turn my nose up to! And she say she has a hard time just finding that one flavor I do eat! It is tha fancy feast chicken an tuna flakes....she will drive far to get it!!! I am an indoor kitty but when I do go out I will go on a leash and walk in our backyard to eat tha grass....then I want in to barf it up in tha house somewhere MOL!MOL!

I live wiff mi momma an daddy an 2 small hoomans az well az 2 ....birdie siblings Oliver (lovebird) an Maxine (cockatiel) I been around lots ov birds so I don't go after them...I know it makes my hoomans upset if I did....besides Oliver iz mean an tries to bite me when I like to sit on his spot! Hehehehe! My day consistes in being luved, spoilt an getting endless attenshun!


  1. I met the delightful Sky on Facebook where she was keen to learn about The Ladies Of Autumn. If you want to check out Sky on Facebook, her username is Skylar Fruffybottoms.

  2. Oh you are SO beautiful Sky, but of course you would're a gorgeous Tortie. Welcome, pretty Lady.


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