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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Scylla - joined September 2011
I would like to apply for the Ladies of Autumn. I am a diluted Calico, who is a tad overweight. 

I came to live with my family in April 2007 with my sister Charybdis when we were 4 weeks old. Our Cat Mother had been poisoned (maybe by the petfood recall or maybe on purpose as she was feral) and the people with the Spay and Neuter alliance that was trying to take care of the feral colony searched for us when they found her body where they normally feed her. 

Mommy's beloved Whiskers had died in March 2007 (kidney failure due to the petfood recall), so she was very lonely and looking for a sibling for Socks. She had talked with a lady who worked with the Spay & Neuter Alliance and the lady called her when she needed a foster family for us. We got adopted the same day Mommy brought us home cause Daddy said Mommy could keep us if he could name us. 

It was my job to take care of Charybdis. She was very sick when she first came to live with Mommy & Daddy but they didn't know it. She had an abscess on her jaw, but once she got on some antibiotics she was fine.

We had lots of fun playing together and snuggling. Charybdis died December 2009 and I still miss her a lot.  She has a blog dedicated to her memory

I spend most of my time sleeping in Mommy's bed (probably the reason I am a tad overweight) but I likes to play. I has a very demanding MEOW, and Mommy says it is amazing but I can wake the boy beans up, even when alarm clocks and Mommy can't. That is how loud I am. They will get up to give me what I want. As youngest boy bean told Mommy "You eventually  hush, but Scylla doesn't till you give her what she wants". 

I lives with my Mom, Dad, 2 boy beans who are in college, my brother Socks (cat), my sister Artemisia (cat) and my brother Fenris (dog). I am kinda afraid of Fenris. Everyone thinks I am silly cause Artemisia isn't the least bit afraid of him, she even plays with him. But he is a very big dog.

I am Mommy's lovebug I likes to love on her when she is doing the laundry. I likes to eat chicken when Mommy cooks it. I come sit in the kitchen when she is cooking in hopes she will give me a taste of whatever she is cooking. I do this even when the dog is in the kitchen. Mommy says my stomach is very brave. I also have this neat trick where I use my paw to pull my siblings food bowls over to me. I pulls it right out from under their noses I even do it with the water bowl.



  1. Welcome to the alliance. I learn a bit more about you and Charybdis whom I still miss a lot.

  2. Welcome, Scylla! You are gorgeous!

    I am new to TLOA too - the members are so welcoming! We both lost our sisfurs two years ago (Charybdis was so beautiful!) yet with the TLOA community we are all members of a special sisterhood!

    Are you on twitter? It is a good way to be in touch. My account is @cagneythecat

    I look forward to getting to know you! Prrrrrs!

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  4. Thanks for the warm welcome. I look forward to meeting everyone. ~Scylla

    PS: I blogs @

  5. Ohhh ,,,Me so Glad You and Charybdis(efen tho me didn't know Charybdis) come to join us Ladycatz at The Ladies of Autumn ~ ^..^
    Purrz ~ Ana

  6. Congratulations gorgeous Scylla for being accepted into the fabulously named Ladies of Autumn! Yay! take care


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