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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sage - joined September 2011
My name is Heather Sage. I am about thirteen years young and very wise. I am the top cat in my furmily.
I am a very lucky cat. Because of behavior problems I soon found myself in the shelter. Things were not looking promising until someone arrived at the shelter looking for the "hardest cat to place". I raised my paw and I had a new home.

My new meow ma realized the my behavior problems (I wet outside the  litter box and I bite) were fixable.  With time, love ,and a little prozac I am a happy cat. I still go outside the box (so to speak but only on special occasions when I really need to make a statement) and I only bite when I get my nails clipped.

Like Greta Garbo "I want to be left alone" but I do love my furmily. I live with 3 cats, 2 turtles, 5 birds, and a miniature hamster named Tina. I enjoy my time alone, naps outside, chasing squirrels and hunting mice. My favorite food is the juice from a package of seafood flavored whiskas.  I'm full of torte-tude and very set in my ways. I do a very good job of  managing my staff  and keeping the anipals in my home in line! In my life its all about MOI! I love to Facebook and twitter. I'm proud to be a  member of #WLF and #TLOA.
Sage can be found on Facebook as Heather Sagecat & on Twitter her username is @tortecatfrmhell.

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  1. Darling girl..I hope I have you as a friend on FB and on Twitter. Welcome sweet one.


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