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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Saffron - joined September 2011
Saffron is an older lady of fourteen hooman years. She is petite of only four kilos. 
She is a very chatty kitty cat and likes to chat with her Mom. Such a lady, she likes to perch on the arm of the chair and watch everyone goes by. A favourite past time is to follow Mom around the garden and offer up advice as apparently she is green pawed.
Saffron is very honored to be considered one of the Ladies of Autumn.

Saffron's Mother is on Twitter: @moviecandi and can be found on Facebook: Hannah Baker.


  1. Welcome to the uniquely colored Ladies of Autumn, Saffron. You are stunning. And you are so petite and dainty. What a beautiful Lady you are.

  2. What a beautful petite ladycat you are! We should get together over milk one day and discuss our humans' gardening tactics.

  3. Lovely Saffron, you do know how to pose for the camera! :)

  4. Awwwww,,, What a Boootiful little Ladycat you are. Me glad to see anofur Gardener ^..^
    Welcome Saffron ^..^
    Purrz~ Ana


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