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Monday, September 12, 2011

Pretty Jess (OTRB ♥)

Jess - joined September 2011
Jess wandered into her human's life seven years ago when she came in the garden and decided to move in even though she had a furever home with the family that lives behind her. She was a proper character getting fed at 4 other houses that her human knew of. Everyone loved Jess.
Jess travelled OTRB in December 2010.
The human Jess owned is known on Facebook as Wendy Avfc Ansell & on Twitter as Tarmac_The_Cat


  1. What a beautiful lady with a little smile on her contented face. Jess was a much loved character and is deeply missed. We feel privileged to have her memory living on amongst The Ladies Of Autumn.

  2. What a sweet Lady face. Kisses to this baby even over the Rainbow Bridge. I am so glad she knew love and her beauty appreciated.


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