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Monday, September 12, 2011


MoMo - joined September 2011
Admiral Hestorb suggested that I should apply to join The Ladies Of Autumn. Let me introduce myself: I am MoMo, a petite long-haired shaded dilute calico granny cat (what a mouthful).  I adopted my family thirteen years ago when I was just a young kitty and I have been looking after the garden ever since.  I have my own private corner in the garden as you can see here and I also have my own house in the back porch where I can enjoy an afternoon nap.  I love milk, ham and cheese and I usually have at least one or two of them as treats everyday.  Life is good for this ex-stray kitty.  Once here, I have never gone back to the street again.
I don't have Facebook or Twitter, but I do have a blog. Please feel free to drop in for some cheese and milk. The address is:


  1. Message received from MoMo:

    Mieow Bess,

    Yes, I have read the Code of Honour and agree to uphold the lofty principles and core values that it propounds. Indeed, the Ladies of Autumn have higher ideals and conduct code than many bipeds. I applaud the spirit!

    ::Clapping paws::


  2. I also have read the Code of Honour and I applaude it as well as uphold it.

    MoMo..welcome, you beautiful Lady. We are of the same age.

  3. Thankyou for letting me join the Ladies of Autumn. I look forward to meeting and knowing more of the lovely members here.

    Thanks ot the Admiral for introducing me to the club and the first to welcome me.

    To those of you who wishes to visit me, my garden is open to all at
    You are all welcome to drop in and have some milk and cheese with me.

  4. A question via Twitter for Momo from @ColonelMomo, also known as Max:

    @ScoutsTweets Do you know how she got her name? My proper name is Max, never clear how I became Max! I was also a stray!

  5. As you can see I am a long-haired kitty. In Chinese "mo" is animal fur, from that the family call me "MoMo".

  6. It just occurred to me that I must be tri-lingual - cat-speak, English (of course I understand what my SS says to me), and I also answer to the Chinese name of MoMo, among others.

    Actually, I am called Mini more than MoMo which is usually used when I did something naughty or when there is some urgency and I don't answer to Mini.


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