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Monday, September 05, 2011


Isabella - joined September 2011

Hi, I'm Isabella!  I am 5 years old and live with my mommy, daddy, big woofie sisfur Sadie and little kitty sisfur Angel.  I was adopted into my furever family in November, 2006 when I was 10 months old.   My mommy and daddy had come to a local thrift shop that's run by the humane society to look for books but I had other plans.  When they came in the little room where I was, my daddy opened the door to my cage and I literally fell into his arms and have pretty much stayed there since!  I'm a total Daddy's Girl and I'm proud of it!  I have him wrapped around my paw!  I always stretch out beside his leg when he's sitting on the couch or I'll curl up in his lap.  I help him when he's on his laptop too.  At night I sleep on him or on his pillow.  I cry at the door when he leaves the house and greet him as soon as he comes home.  Of course I sit on my mommy too and I always headbutt her to ask her to pick me up so I can snuggle in her hair or sit on her lap while she's working.  Actually I want to be held by anyone who comes to our house!  I am a lover girl!  I even snuggle with my little sisfur Angel a lot too but Sadie won't let me snuggle with her. 
I am what you'd call a very mellow kitty.  Nothing gets me riled up ever, not even the doorbell!  My little sisfur runs like the dickens when a big truck comes in the cul-de-sac and especially when the doorbell rings but I barely even wake up.  My favorite hobby is to sleep and I can fall asleep in literally 5 seconds once I curl up.  For play I love to get wild on our cat tree!  I also love little catnip toys that I can carry around the house and put under doors so Daddy has to come get them out for me.  I make a sqeaking sound since I don't really meow and just one squeak always gets someone to ask "what?" and they come looking to see what I need because, you know, I am a Tortie after all!   I love to watch the Birdie Network and also enjoy watching the Squirrel Network from time to time. 
I'm excited to be a member of The Ladies of Autumn with so many lovely Ladycats! 

Isabella doesn't have a Twitter account but her human is a keen Blogger and has a Facebook account:


  1. I know this Lady well. She is an accomplished blogger and shares very nicely with her sisfurs Sadie and Angel. xxoo

  2. Dear Isabella, thank you so much for sending me your story to post. I really enjoyed reading it (my humans did too). Kind regards, Dr. Bess.

  3. Thank you Bess!

    Admiral, thank you for telling me about The Ladies of Autumn!


  4. You are a great cat, Isabella, and will be a welcome addition to The Ladies Of Autumn, I'm sure.


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