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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

HRH Princess Treasure

HRH Princess Treasure - Joined Sept. 2011
HRH is so excited to be joining TLOA; a most worthy venture.

After being abducted from her birthpalace at three months of age, HRH was rescued by discerning humans and later found her PM and Realm-in-Exile. Her royalty was in question by her cat housemate, the Queen Bea of the Toetucker Tribe, who did not accept the caste mark on her forehead as ample evidence of same. (There is a natural rivalry between members of that tribe and the Sphinx Clan.)

Now 13 years old, The Princess continues to rule the Realm of Capitol Drive by touring her courtyard most mornings and holding town hall meetings for all citizens. She is ably assisted by her Prime Minister Neora Warmlapp and Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo, diplomat extraordinaire.

Leisure time is spent napping, watching bird and squirrel TV, cuddling with the PM and occasionally imbibing the Herb of Contentment (AKA nip).

More of her adventures can be found on

Respectfully submitted,

Neora Warmlapp

PS The prime Minister of the Realm of Capitol Drive is a user of Facebook but not Twitter (to the best of my knowledge).


  1. Your Majesty,
    We are delighted that you have honoured us by joining The Ladies Of Autumn. With your subtle and beautiful autumnal colouring, you are a real regal treat to behold.
    Kind regards, your servant, Dr. Bess C. Watkins.

  2. Oh yes indeed...welcome HRH Treasure.. what a pleasure to see you. Wait till Sir Spitfire and Simba see you. xxxooo

  3. We are four mancats and one Dragon Lady welcoming you to the blogosphere.


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