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Saturday, September 03, 2011


Foxy - joined September 2011
We heard about Foxy from her canine sister, Paloma. Foxy's story is a delightful one: she was adopted as a young cat by her human from the veterinary surgery. Her new human thought that Foxy was a striking cat. She had never seen a tortoiseshell cat before but knew that she was the one for her! And they have not looked back since. I will now hand you over to Paloma who will tell you more about Foxy's fascinating story in her own words:

Hi der! I am Paloma Jane Undertooth and mai Twitter iz @PalomaTheBoston. Mom had taked mai Pug brudder to da vet an dey had a cage der wif 3 kitteez in it. Der wuz Foxy and her 2 orange brudders in it. Appawently dey had ben fownd near a farm wifowt der kitty Momma and dey pwolly wudda died if dey hadnt ben wescued. Wen Mom seend Foxy she wuz dwawn to her. Mom had neber seend a tortee cat aforr and totted she wuz da mostest bootyfullest kitty eberz! Mom cudnt leabe wifowt her! Mom named her Starbuck becuzz she wuz da colorz ob Momz favowitt Starbuckz mocha dwink. Human brudder wanted to name her Camouflage but Mom dint fink dat wuz bewy feminine. Wunce at home, Mom putted her in mai German Shepherdz crate to sleep in at nite but she scweemed SO lowd all nite! Mom decided Starbuck wuzznt da wight name fur her an changed it to Foxy. 
She iz 3 yeerz old now and haz gwown into a pwetty, long haired and fuzzy cat. She iz bewy spunky and unique. She attackz Momz fake fur hoodz, she pwayz wif me and we wrassle and she stalkz and attackz da German Shepherd wike a panther. Yoo can see sum ob dat on mai You Yube channel -OneBlooEye.


Paloma The Boston Terrier

PS Foxy now has her own Twitter account: @FoxyTheTortie


  1. Her is absolutely one of Autumn's beauties. Regal and stunning both.

  2. Foxy is a beautiful Tortie! We're not surprised she dazzled her human with her Tortieness!


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