Friday, September 30, 2011


Chica - joined September 2011
I have read your Code of Honor and agree to uphold it!

I am a very dignified yet opinionated tortie of 20 years and am still feisty..  I am head cat and have been all along - letting my subjects know when they displease me with my grumbles, groans and disdain.

My mom is the only one I prefer to be with and I tolerate the other cats. At my age I expect and get special treatment - meals brought to me of my favorite foods, and whenever I want them, a place on the bed or sofa next to Mom whenever I want to be there.  Everyone else must be moved.

Yours truly,
Cats of wildcat woods

Chica can be found on Twitter (@wildcatwoods) & is a keen Blogger:


Admiral Hestorb said...

CHICA darling! How is it I failed to invite you!? I am so sorry about that but so delighted that you are here and soaking up all the adoration coming to you for your beautiful Tortiness. xoxoxo, my sisfur.

Scout said...

Welcome to #tloa, Chica. Looks like u are enjoying your siesta.

ArtemisiaFSS said...

Hi Chica, ~ good to see you here. ~Scylla

P Treasure. said...

Even a princess must bow to such regality!

Scout said...

You've earned the special treatment, babe. Plus you have to give all the younger cats something to strive for.