Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beautiful Molly (OTRB ♥)

Molly - joined September 2011
The lovely MeeMoll, OTRB 3/25/11, greets The Ladies of Autumn. Molly was a loving, chatty, sociable gal who loved to greet all visitors and land in their lap for pats and scritches. MeeMoll (aka Molly) was rescued from a shelter in 1998 at two years old and lived a happy life with her humans and her kitty pals Hobbes and Suzie. We lost MeeMoll to renal failure in March 2011 and miss her deeply.
 She loved to be held and would butt her head right up under your chin. Slept on mommy's pillow at night, right next to her head. Always had something to say! When healthy, she was a little chubby with a tummy that sashayed as she ran. Watching her pass from this life to the next was a most sad event.

I met Molly's human on Twitter (@ScootsnToots) & Molly's human has a Facebook account too.


Bess The Cat said...

Thank you so much, Mary (@ScootsnToots), for posting the photograph and information about pretty Molly. She looks like a little darling according to my humans! Molly sounds like a true Lady Of Autumn and we are delighted to have the memories of a much-loved and sadly missed lady in our group. With kind regards from me and deepest sympathies from my humans, Bess X

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh Molly, you sweet girl. How lovely you were and your momma loved you. xxxooo to you OTRB.