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Friday, September 16, 2011


Ana - joined September 2011
Mieow, My Name iz Anushka, but efuryone callz me Ana~
It seemz like long time ago now, but at one time me had No name, no-one cared or Loved me,,,,
Me spent Furefer owtside ,till one day me found this Wonderful place ^..^
Now me haz a Wonderful Home wif brofurz and sisfurz,And me haz my own yard and Gardenz which me iz Gardener and Guardian of. Me also doez Floral Arrangementz ~
My now mom & dad love me furry much and hug me Alot!
They don't know how old me iz, they guess about 6 yrz. ,,,,
But a Lady nefur tellz .....^..^
Me iz from; Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats ~
Me would like so much to become Lady of Autumn too ^..^
Fank You & Purrz ~ Ana
More information about Ana can be found at:


  1. I loved reading your story, Ana, and I am so glad that you now have the wonderful home you deserve. Welcome to The Ladies Of Autumn, Sister Ana.

  2. Fank You Furry much Dr. Bess fur dis Honour and to my Sponsor Momo ~
    Me iz furry Proud to belong to dis Wonderful Sisfurhood ^..^ ,of such Elegant Ladiez~

    Mieow and Purrz~

  3. Ana, it is an absolute pleasure to meet such a refined, intelligent and beautiful lady. We are delighted that you could join us. Many thanks to MoMo for the introduction.

  4. Oh Dr. Bess ,,,, der seemz to be an error in my website me give it to you again ~

    Me also haz another Furriend here,, Miss Admiral ... so Great to be in such Wonderful and inspiring company ^..^

    Purrz ~ Ana

  5. Dearest Sister Ana,

    Many apologies. I have rectified the website address faux pas. It would seem that Dr. Bess has consumed one too many Niptinis this evening and become quite muddled.

    Kind drunken regards,


  6. Oh Yes we here at the Garden Cottage know well about da Niptiniz, specialy my brofur Arrius ! He acts like a drunken Vampire .... hehehehe
    No Wurriez Dr. Bess ~
    All iz well ^..^ , best to "Nip" (hehehe) it in da bud, before thinz get owta hand ;))

    Purrz ~ Ana

  7. Welcome to our little sorority, Ana!

  8. Fank You Princess treasure ~
    So Purrfectly Glad to be here ^..^
    Purrz~ Ana

  9. Welcome Ana, lovely to have you in the club!!!! You have quite a few visitors already.

  10. Yes Momo, Me very Lucky Lady Cat^..^
    Me haz a Wonderful Life now, and to belong to such a Wonderful Sisfurhood ~
    Me nefur be Lonely again ^..^ :)))
    Fank You ;))
    Purrz~ Ana

  11. I am SEW glads to SEE you here darling Lady! You are beautiful and serene and loved. Makes me and my momma both FURRY happy. Kissies! #TLOA!


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