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Monday, September 19, 2011


Alyst - joined September 2011
Hi I'm Alyst. I was born on the Wirral, but now live in Sale, Cheshire, with my Hoomins - mum, dad and two boys. My hoomins both work in the medical/research field, so thought my name (catALYST) was a good idea (hmmm). I is fifteen and a half and I am a student Hairdresser ( you can see some of my subtle highlights on my picture). I had a brother called Mandu and we was from the same litter, but he went OTRB last year. I am proud to join the Ladies of Autumn!
 Alyst can be found on Twitter: @alyst_cat & on Facebook: Laura Woolfson.


  1. Welcome to The Ladies of Autumn ~
    You are a furry Bootiful Ladycat ^..^
    Me likez your name , Alyst... it'z Pretty
    Purrz ~ Ana

  2. We love your name, for some reason it made the Mommy laugh. She says you look like the catalyst for all sorts of mischief.


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