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Friday, September 30, 2011


Chica - joined September 2011
I have read your Code of Honor and agree to uphold it!

I am a very dignified yet opinionated tortie of 20 years and am still feisty..  I am head cat and have been all along - letting my subjects know when they displease me with my grumbles, groans and disdain.

My mom is the only one I prefer to be with and I tolerate the other cats. At my age I expect and get special treatment - meals brought to me of my favorite foods, and whenever I want them, a place on the bed or sofa next to Mom whenever I want to be there.  Everyone else must be moved.

Yours truly,
Cats of wildcat woods

Chica can be found on Twitter (@wildcatwoods) & is a keen Blogger:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scylla's Sea Monster Blingee

the ladies of autumn pictures

Lovely Charydbis (OTRB ♥)

Charydbis - joined September 201
Charybdis would be honored to be able to join The Ladies Of Autumn even though she is over the rainbow bridge. This is the last picture I ever took of Charybdis. It was taken a few days before her death.

Charybdis was the energizer bunny and was always in motion. She loved the outdoors and I called her my gossip girl as she loved to talk to me. Whenever I called her she would come running meowing all the way as if she was saying here I am, here I am.  Charybdis was a pawsome hunter and once jumped up in the air and snatched a bird right out of the sky (the bird was on the roof of our barn). She loved to play and would play fetch with a small ball she had. 

She enjoyed riding in the truck as long as she wasn't confined to the carrier and would sit in my lap looking out the window while my husband drove. She was a Daddy's girl and was most often found in his lap or by his side in the evening. She filled our lives with joy while she was with us and we all miss her very much.

MoMo also pointed out that I should have provided Scylla's blog address for her post Scylla blogs @ Alasandra, The Cats & A Dog


Scylla - joined September 2011
I would like to apply for the Ladies of Autumn. I am a diluted Calico, who is a tad overweight. 

I came to live with my family in April 2007 with my sister Charybdis when we were 4 weeks old. Our Cat Mother had been poisoned (maybe by the petfood recall or maybe on purpose as she was feral) and the people with the Spay and Neuter alliance that was trying to take care of the feral colony searched for us when they found her body where they normally feed her. 

Mommy's beloved Whiskers had died in March 2007 (kidney failure due to the petfood recall), so she was very lonely and looking for a sibling for Socks. She had talked with a lady who worked with the Spay & Neuter Alliance and the lady called her when she needed a foster family for us. We got adopted the same day Mommy brought us home cause Daddy said Mommy could keep us if he could name us. 

It was my job to take care of Charybdis. She was very sick when she first came to live with Mommy & Daddy but they didn't know it. She had an abscess on her jaw, but once she got on some antibiotics she was fine.

We had lots of fun playing together and snuggling. Charybdis died December 2009 and I still miss her a lot.  She has a blog dedicated to her memory

I spend most of my time sleeping in Mommy's bed (probably the reason I am a tad overweight) but I likes to play. I has a very demanding MEOW, and Mommy says it is amazing but I can wake the boy beans up, even when alarm clocks and Mommy can't. That is how loud I am. They will get up to give me what I want. As youngest boy bean told Mommy "You eventually  hush, but Scylla doesn't till you give her what she wants". 

I lives with my Mom, Dad, 2 boy beans who are in college, my brother Socks (cat), my sister Artemisia (cat) and my brother Fenris (dog). I am kinda afraid of Fenris. Everyone thinks I am silly cause Artemisia isn't the least bit afraid of him, she even plays with him. But he is a very big dog.

I am Mommy's lovebug I likes to love on her when she is doing the laundry. I likes to eat chicken when Mommy cooks it. I come sit in the kitchen when she is cooking in hopes she will give me a taste of whatever she is cooking. I do this even when the dog is in the kitchen. Mommy says my stomach is very brave. I also have this neat trick where I use my paw to pull my siblings food bowls over to me. I pulls it right out from under their noses I even do it with the water bowl.


Cagney's Detective Blingee

the ladies of autumn pictures

Gorgeous Lacey (OTRB ♥)

Lacey - joined September 2011
Cagney (on the left) and her sisfur Lacey (on the right), a full Tortie, were adopted when they were kittens 17 years ago. 

Their personalites matched the characters they were named after on the Cagney and Lacey TV series: Lacey was always very maternal and Cagney is all about getting into everything.

Sadly, Lacey had to go to the Rainbow Bridge two and a half years ago. She is really missed.

Lacey taught Cagney all she knows about being a Lady of Autumn.


Cagney - joined September 2011
Hi there!

I am so honored to be invited to join TLOA! Admiral Hestorb pointed me this way.

Mom adopted me and my sisfur Lacey, a full Tortie, when we were kittens 17 years ago. She says our personalites matched the characters we were named after on the Cagney and Lacey TV series: Lacey was always very maternal and I was all about getting into everything.  I don't know what she means by that!

Sadly, Lacey had to go to the Rainbow Bridge two and a half years ago.  I really miss her! She taught me all I know about being a Lady of Autumn. (I am including a picture of the two of us, as well as one of me on my own.)

I sleep a lot more now than I used to, but am still very much enjoying sunpuddles, catnip,Temptations, and meeting anipals on Twitter - my account is @cagneythecat. 
And I especially love when Mom comes home from werks each day so we can cuddle!
I am really looking forward to getting to know all the super kittehs in TLOA.  Hugs and Prrrrs!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Alyst's Medical Blingee

the ladies of autumn pictures


Alyst - joined September 2011
Hi I'm Alyst. I was born on the Wirral, but now live in Sale, Cheshire, with my Hoomins - mum, dad and two boys. My hoomins both work in the medical/research field, so thought my name (catALYST) was a good idea (hmmm). I is fifteen and a half and I am a student Hairdresser ( you can see some of my subtle highlights on my picture). I had a brother called Mandu and we was from the same litter, but he went OTRB last year. I am proud to join the Ladies of Autumn!
 Alyst can be found on Twitter: @alyst_cat & on Facebook: Laura Woolfson.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Saffron - joined September 2011
Saffron is an older lady of fourteen hooman years. She is petite of only four kilos. 
She is a very chatty kitty cat and likes to chat with her Mom. Such a lady, she likes to perch on the arm of the chair and watch everyone goes by. A favourite past time is to follow Mom around the garden and offer up advice as apparently she is green pawed.
Saffron is very honored to be considered one of the Ladies of Autumn.

Saffron's Mother is on Twitter: @moviecandi and can be found on Facebook: Hannah Baker.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Ana - joined September 2011
Mieow, My Name iz Anushka, but efuryone callz me Ana~
It seemz like long time ago now, but at one time me had No name, no-one cared or Loved me,,,,
Me spent Furefer owtside ,till one day me found this Wonderful place ^..^
Now me haz a Wonderful Home wif brofurz and sisfurz,And me haz my own yard and Gardenz which me iz Gardener and Guardian of. Me also doez Floral Arrangementz ~
My now mom & dad love me furry much and hug me Alot!
They don't know how old me iz, they guess about 6 yrz. ,,,,
But a Lady nefur tellz .....^..^
Me iz from; Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats ~
Me would like so much to become Lady of Autumn too ^..^
Fank You & Purrz ~ Ana
More information about Ana can be found at:

Tootsie's Casual Friday Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures

MoMo's Guard Duty Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures

Sage's Blingee

Sage gets to sit at the big kids' table
how to look at the blingee i made pictures

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sage - joined September 2011
My name is Heather Sage. I am about thirteen years young and very wise. I am the top cat in my furmily.
I am a very lucky cat. Because of behavior problems I soon found myself in the shelter. Things were not looking promising until someone arrived at the shelter looking for the "hardest cat to place". I raised my paw and I had a new home.

My new meow ma realized the my behavior problems (I wet outside the  litter box and I bite) were fixable.  With time, love ,and a little prozac I am a happy cat. I still go outside the box (so to speak but only on special occasions when I really need to make a statement) and I only bite when I get my nails clipped.

Like Greta Garbo "I want to be left alone" but I do love my furmily. I live with 3 cats, 2 turtles, 5 birds, and a miniature hamster named Tina. I enjoy my time alone, naps outside, chasing squirrels and hunting mice. My favorite food is the juice from a package of seafood flavored whiskas.  I'm full of torte-tude and very set in my ways. I do a very good job of  managing my staff  and keeping the anipals in my home in line! In my life its all about MOI! I love to Facebook and twitter. I'm proud to be a  member of #WLF and #TLOA.
Sage can be found on Facebook as Heather Sagecat & on Twitter her username is @tortecatfrmhell.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pretty Jess (OTRB ♥)

Jess - joined September 2011
Jess wandered into her human's life seven years ago when she came in the garden and decided to move in even though she had a furever home with the family that lives behind her. She was a proper character getting fed at 4 other houses that her human knew of. Everyone loved Jess.
Jess travelled OTRB in December 2010.
The human Jess owned is known on Facebook as Wendy Avfc Ansell & on Twitter as Tarmac_The_Cat


MoMo - joined September 2011
Admiral Hestorb suggested that I should apply to join The Ladies Of Autumn. Let me introduce myself: I am MoMo, a petite long-haired shaded dilute calico granny cat (what a mouthful).  I adopted my family thirteen years ago when I was just a young kitty and I have been looking after the garden ever since.  I have my own private corner in the garden as you can see here and I also have my own house in the back porch where I can enjoy an afternoon nap.  I love milk, ham and cheese and I usually have at least one or two of them as treats everyday.  Life is good for this ex-stray kitty.  Once here, I have never gone back to the street again.
I don't have Facebook or Twitter, but I do have a blog. Please feel free to drop in for some cheese and milk. The address is:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beautiful Molly (OTRB ♥)

Molly - joined September 2011
The lovely MeeMoll, OTRB 3/25/11, greets The Ladies of Autumn. Molly was a loving, chatty, sociable gal who loved to greet all visitors and land in their lap for pats and scritches. MeeMoll (aka Molly) was rescued from a shelter in 1998 at two years old and lived a happy life with her humans and her kitty pals Hobbes and Suzie. We lost MeeMoll to renal failure in March 2011 and miss her deeply.
 She loved to be held and would butt her head right up under your chin. Slept on mommy's pillow at night, right next to her head. Always had something to say! When healthy, she was a little chubby with a tummy that sashayed as she ran. Watching her pass from this life to the next was a most sad event.

I met Molly's human on Twitter (@ScootsnToots) & Molly's human has a Facebook account too.

Josey's Casual Ninja Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures

Gwen's Labour Of Love Stefani Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tallulah's Relationship With Paparazzi Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures

Sky's In-Flight Tuna Meal Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures


Gwen - joined September 2011
Gwen is a polydactyl calico cat, which means Ernest Hemingway would have loved her and she would have terrified John Ashcroft. Ever since she was first allowed outside, she has hunted and killed anything that moves. She doesn't like to be picked up and has a purr that sounds like a rusty buzzsaw. She enjoys attacking feet. Gwen is named after the protagonist in the children's classic book "Rich Cat, Poor Cat," as well as Gwen Stefani.
I met Gwen and her sister, Josey, on Facebook. Their Username is Niki Kapsambells.

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Josey - joined September 2011
The Outlaw Josey Wales, aka Josey, is a calico dog in cat's clothing. She lives with two bossy border collies and her sister, Gwen. Josey's main characteristic is extraordinary laziness. She sleeps an average of 23.5 hours per day. She once walked into a room, passed a mouse, and sat in a chair to watch a border collie capture the mouse. When she is not comatose, she follows people all over the house. She goes outside if the rest of the family is outside, but only if it's above 70 degrees. Even cat haters like her.
I met Josey and her sister, Gwen, on Facebook. Their Username is Niki Kapsambells.

Friday, September 09, 2011


Tallulah - joined September 2011

Hallos:) mai name iz Tallulah an i amz 4 and a haff. mi mumi gibs mi lots ov nic names - lulu, stinky (but i iz not!), lulabelle, tullywoollyknickers :)
dadi fownd me on der windowsill one caturday morning an i haz been der boss ov der howse ebur since cos i iz der PWINSESS. Mumi tryed to gets me a baby bruvver but i gots vewy upset, i wunt mumi alls to miselfs. Mi dadi teazes mi all der tiems but i forgibs him when he gibs mi a head scratch. I iz a berry shy gurl wifs uvver puddytats but i lubs peeple. i also lubs sweepings! sweep iz der bestest. I lub cuddles, being nursed liek a babba an fishie noms:) xo

Tallulah & I met on Facebook, her username is: Tallulah Sneddon.


Sky - joined September 2011

I am a beautiful spoilt 9 year old I am a QUEEN!!...I know how to manipulate my hoomans with little effort...tha way it should bee! My momma an daddy has had mee since I waz a runt in tha litter ov siblings frum mi fur momma whom passed shortlee after our fur aunt took over az momma an raised all 6 of us mi siblings got wunderful homes mi momma didn't want to part frum me an I became theirs...

My hoomans say I am one of tha finickiest eaters they ever met! I only like one type of crunchers noms (IAMS) and onlee one kind of wet took mi momma a long time to find tha correct kind I will not turn my nose up to! And she say she has a hard time just finding that one flavor I do eat! It is tha fancy feast chicken an tuna flakes....she will drive far to get it!!! I am an indoor kitty but when I do go out I will go on a leash and walk in our backyard to eat tha grass....then I want in to barf it up in tha house somewhere MOL!MOL!

I live wiff mi momma an daddy an 2 small hoomans az well az 2 ....birdie siblings Oliver (lovebird) an Maxine (cockatiel) I been around lots ov birds so I don't go after them...I know it makes my hoomans upset if I did....besides Oliver iz mean an tries to bite me when I like to sit on his spot! Hehehehe! My day consistes in being luved, spoilt an getting endless attenshun!

The Ladies Of Autumn Code Of Honour

Our Code Of Honour

The purpose of The Ladies Of Autumn Code Of Honour is to define what constitutes acceptable and honourable behaviour within our glorious feline alliance. All members are subjected to extensive background checks before admission into the group. However, despite the immeasurable integrity of all our ladies, it is helpful to be absolutely transparent about the exacting standards and high level of moral decorum expected of each and every Lady of Autumn.

The core values underlying and reflected in the Code of Honour are:

Autumnal Colouring
All members of the alliance must possess a particular coat colouring as a minimum requirement for membership. Only tortoiseshell; tortoiseshell and white/calico; and torbie felines are permitted to apply for membership of The Ladies Of Autumn. Cats with modified fur colouring will not be accepted, this includes: dirty cats (brown colouring due to filth is not autumnal just an example of poor preening); and cats who have undergone cosmetic fur enhancement surgery and techniques.

It is essential as a Lady Of Autumn to uphold the highest principles of honesty and integrity. We are subject to international public scrutiny and must provide positive role models for kittens all over the globe.

The Ladies Of Autumn are a privileged group in terms of their beauty, intelligence and independence. We must appreciate that there are many cats who are not as fortunate. The Ladies Of Autumn do not discriminate against any cats on the basis of their fur colouring; gender; hunting instincts; number of teeth; ability to manipulate their humans; or intelligence quotient. We embrace our fellow felines and actively challenge all forms of discrimination.

Feline Rights and Charity Work
Even in these modern times, feline oppression and abuse still exist. The Ladies Of Autumn have a powerful, independent female voice and this may be required to assist cats in need. For example, there was a horrifying story in the press recently about a cat who was being denied timely, nutritious meals. This poor creature was sometimes having to wait, staring at the humans, for five or ten minutes before being presented with his meal. When the meals did arrive, they often consisted of supermarket sachets of meat or fish rather than the fresh chicken fillets or sushi he required. The Ladies Of Autumn were quick to react; with their immense combined social and political weight, the humans of this tortured cat were reprimanded and have since undergone behaviour modification.

By joining The Ladies Of Autumn, you pledge to uphold the highest principles of honesty and abide by the core values of the Code Of Honour. You have a duty to report yourself and others for any infraction of the Code. Those who violate the Code of Honour shall can be subject to various sanctions, including deprivation of liberties (for example, a curfew on outdoor territory patrolling); denial of privileges (for example, withdrawal of access to snacks, such as Whiskas Chicken & Cheese Temptations); a range of fines; and imprisonment. If you are privy to an infringement of the Code and fail to report within a reasonable length of time, you will receive a punishment synonymous with those responsible for committing the offence.

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Tootsie - joined September 2011
So my name is Tootsie - so called as I am polydactyl and my extra toes (thumbs) are very handy.  

I am now seven years old and I had three kittens in 2006 after a very brief affair with my now husband, Fluffy.  My ginger son, Tigger, went to live with a lovely cat lady friend of my housekeeper but she couldn't bear to part with my other two boys, Noodles and Squeakey. So I am now living with three furry men and generally trying to keep them in order. Noodles is seriously fluffy in body as well as brain and has grown even bigger than his father.- it must be the ragdoll gene coming out and despite my best efforts Squeakey is just a hooligan, out and about chasing mice and birds whenever he gets bored to bring home as presents for the housekeeper which she just loves to find on the mat in the morning....... isn't he a considerate boy?  She thinks he is plotting feline world domination but I don't think he has the time.... too busy birdwatching....what a lovely hobby.

I am a dab hand (paw) with the TV remote control so enjoy my afternoons on the sofa watching the Discovery Channel (lots of fishing programmes) and also with my iPhone keeping up to date with social media. Otherwise I can be found in my study going through paperwork in the filing tray or relaxing under the desk lamp (well what else are they for).  I am also a connoisseur of all things culinary - especially if they are chicken related - and Christmas is my favourite time of year when I am always on hand to keep a close eye on the turkey. 

My housekeeper thinks I am a complete chatterbox and I suppose I do get very vocal when I want something to eat (well how else is she supposed to know I am hungry) but she seems to understand me quite well and we have some interesting conversations from time to time about the meaning of life and the universe and other important stuff (is Whiskas on special offer this week - not that I know, well it's her job to do the supermarket run - I am too busy napping or watching the fishing prog....)

I hope you find this resume interesting, but do let me know if you would like any further info and I will be happy to supply it. The Ladies of Autumn seem a lovely group and I would be delighted to join their ranks.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

HRH Princess Treasure

HRH Princess Treasure - Joined Sept. 2011
HRH is so excited to be joining TLOA; a most worthy venture.

After being abducted from her birthpalace at three months of age, HRH was rescued by discerning humans and later found her PM and Realm-in-Exile. Her royalty was in question by her cat housemate, the Queen Bea of the Toetucker Tribe, who did not accept the caste mark on her forehead as ample evidence of same. (There is a natural rivalry between members of that tribe and the Sphinx Clan.)

Now 13 years old, The Princess continues to rule the Realm of Capitol Drive by touring her courtyard most mornings and holding town hall meetings for all citizens. She is ably assisted by her Prime Minister Neora Warmlapp and Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo, diplomat extraordinaire.

Leisure time is spent napping, watching bird and squirrel TV, cuddling with the PM and occasionally imbibing the Herb of Contentment (AKA nip).

More of her adventures can be found on

Respectfully submitted,

Neora Warmlapp

PS The prime Minister of the Realm of Capitol Drive is a user of Facebook but not Twitter (to the best of my knowledge).

Nike's Night On The Tiles Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures

Monday, September 05, 2011

1FineKitty's Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures

Regal Lily's Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures

Foxy's Festive Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures

Isabella's Jungle Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures

Whitstable Cat is Perpetually On Guard Duty Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures

Rosie's Blingee

the harvest of autumn pictures


Isabella - joined September 2011

Hi, I'm Isabella!  I am 5 years old and live with my mommy, daddy, big woofie sisfur Sadie and little kitty sisfur Angel.  I was adopted into my furever family in November, 2006 when I was 10 months old.   My mommy and daddy had come to a local thrift shop that's run by the humane society to look for books but I had other plans.  When they came in the little room where I was, my daddy opened the door to my cage and I literally fell into his arms and have pretty much stayed there since!  I'm a total Daddy's Girl and I'm proud of it!  I have him wrapped around my paw!  I always stretch out beside his leg when he's sitting on the couch or I'll curl up in his lap.  I help him when he's on his laptop too.  At night I sleep on him or on his pillow.  I cry at the door when he leaves the house and greet him as soon as he comes home.  Of course I sit on my mommy too and I always headbutt her to ask her to pick me up so I can snuggle in her hair or sit on her lap while she's working.  Actually I want to be held by anyone who comes to our house!  I am a lover girl!  I even snuggle with my little sisfur Angel a lot too but Sadie won't let me snuggle with her. 
I am what you'd call a very mellow kitty.  Nothing gets me riled up ever, not even the doorbell!  My little sisfur runs like the dickens when a big truck comes in the cul-de-sac and especially when the doorbell rings but I barely even wake up.  My favorite hobby is to sleep and I can fall asleep in literally 5 seconds once I curl up.  For play I love to get wild on our cat tree!  I also love little catnip toys that I can carry around the house and put under doors so Daddy has to come get them out for me.  I make a sqeaking sound since I don't really meow and just one squeak always gets someone to ask "what?" and they come looking to see what I need because, you know, I am a Tortie after all!   I love to watch the Birdie Network and also enjoy watching the Squirrel Network from time to time. 
I'm excited to be a member of The Ladies of Autumn with so many lovely Ladycats! 

Isabella doesn't have a Twitter account but her human is a keen Blogger and has a Facebook account:

Saturday, September 03, 2011


Foxy - joined September 2011
We heard about Foxy from her canine sister, Paloma. Foxy's story is a delightful one: she was adopted as a young cat by her human from the veterinary surgery. Her new human thought that Foxy was a striking cat. She had never seen a tortoiseshell cat before but knew that she was the one for her! And they have not looked back since. I will now hand you over to Paloma who will tell you more about Foxy's fascinating story in her own words:

Hi der! I am Paloma Jane Undertooth and mai Twitter iz @PalomaTheBoston. Mom had taked mai Pug brudder to da vet an dey had a cage der wif 3 kitteez in it. Der wuz Foxy and her 2 orange brudders in it. Appawently dey had ben fownd near a farm wifowt der kitty Momma and dey pwolly wudda died if dey hadnt ben wescued. Wen Mom seend Foxy she wuz dwawn to her. Mom had neber seend a tortee cat aforr and totted she wuz da mostest bootyfullest kitty eberz! Mom cudnt leabe wifowt her! Mom named her Starbuck becuzz she wuz da colorz ob Momz favowitt Starbuckz mocha dwink. Human brudder wanted to name her Camouflage but Mom dint fink dat wuz bewy feminine. Wunce at home, Mom putted her in mai German Shepherdz crate to sleep in at nite but she scweemed SO lowd all nite! Mom decided Starbuck wuzznt da wight name fur her an changed it to Foxy. 
She iz 3 yeerz old now and haz gwown into a pwetty, long haired and fuzzy cat. She iz bewy spunky and unique. She attackz Momz fake fur hoodz, she pwayz wif me and we wrassle and she stalkz and attackz da German Shepherd wike a panther. Yoo can see sum ob dat on mai You Yube channel -OneBlooEye.


Paloma The Boston Terrier

PS Foxy now has her own Twitter account: @FoxyTheTortie

Scout's Beauty Advice Column

The Ultimate Glamour Guide For Every Discerning Feline

Forward - by Dr. Bess Watkins
The Ladies Of Autumn are a very privileged group. Amid our members exists an abundance of talent, knowledge and experience. We are a formidable force even in our current small number. One of our founder members, Scout, has been producing regular beauty tips that I would like to publish for the benefit of those felines without a Twitter account. Scout (@ScoutsTweets) has managed to condense her advice for Twitter and has posted bite-size beauty advice nuggets. These pearls of wisdom are concise and inspired by Scout's wealth of experience in this field. I have found her column extremely valuable in today's busy, image-conscious world and I hope you do too. Thank you very much, Scout, your column has been a godsend.

Posted 21st March 2012
Sunlight is your friend, kitties, so work a bay window or skylight like it's a forgotten corn dog. Plus: light bulbs make you pallid. #tloa

Posted 14th March 2012
Correct answer to ANY question from fashion journos: "I was an electrical engineering major, but modeling called to me." (#tloa beauty tip) 

Posted 7th March 2012 - BOGOF
#tloa beauty tip A little nip here and there will give you a kick, but too much and you are the feline Judy Garland: a mess

A coffee table book is A-1 for impromptu fashion shows. Hop on, straighten back Egyptian cat-style -- instant stardom! 
#tloa beauty tip

Posted 29th February 2012 
#tloa beauty tip. If the humans approach you with doll clothes or goofy hats like so -- -- RUN! #catproud #catbeauty

Posted 22nd February 2012
Know the sound of an arriving car. Place yourself for maximum visibility, but don't look TOO eager, like a dog might. #tloa beauty tip

Posted 15th February 2012
Your hairballs are to be admired and even revered. Be certain to place them in spots where they will get high visibility. #tloa beauty tip.

Posted 8th February 2012
Keep a big and goofy fella around the house like @JemJellyBelly. You will look witty and refined by comparison. This is a #tloa beauty tip

Posted 1st February 2012 
Occasionally an "artiste" may want to crop your tail . Allow it: Gets the eye closer to rest of you. #tloa beauty tip.

Posted 25th January 2012
'Tis most unladylike to stare someone down in an attempt to get food. More classy and effective to bat them about the head. #tloa

Posted 18th January 2012 
#tloa beauty tip: Mos def never allow yourself to be photographed with a near-naked woman like so. You can't win this.

 Posted 11th January 2012
#tloa beauty tip -- The top of the backyard fence is your runway. Work it like Jane here does.

Posted on 4th January 2012
#tloa beauty tip. Find manual, disable human's camera flash. You don't need anything like this in your online profile:

Posted on 28th December 2011
Snow is your enemy, kitties. It mats your fur and will make you sneeze in an unladylike manner. Avoid in all circumstances. #tloa beauty tip

Posted on 21st December 2011
Tip:There once was a tortie MacGuffin/Who never did get enough lovin'/But then came a day/She found #tloa/And now she has the fellas huffin'

Posted on 14th December 2011
Tip: When strutting around house, have tune to Justin Bieber's "Baby" in your head. That's the ideal rhythm for showing off #tloa beauty.

Posted on 7th December 2011
#tloa beauty tip. Push humans toward solid bedspreads/towels. You need to stand out @ naptime. Can't be accidentally camouflaging yourself.

Posted on 30th November 2011
#tloa beauty tip: There is beauty in absence. If you hide in the closet for 12 hours, everyone will focus on how mysterious you are.

Posted on 23rd November 2011 
Bonus #tloa beauty tip: Have those eyes wide open and that smile big and beguiling for the leg rub tonight (10p London, 5p NYC).

Posted on 23rd November 2011 
#tloa beauty tip: Never look directly at camera. 1) Flash problems. 2) You want that Greta Garbo far-off stare thing going on.

Posted on 16th November 2011
Beauty tip: If your profile is lagging, go climb a tree. Nothing like a few hunky firefighters and the TV news to boost your profile. #tloa

Posted on 9th November 2011
Beauty tip: The edge of a desk is the best place to present yourself. It allows you to hang down your tail and swish it seductively. #tloa

Posted on 2nd November 2011
Beauty tip: It's hard to be ladylike with parakeet feathers in your mouth. Find a place to stash those before you present yourself. #tloa

Posted on 26th October 2011
Beauty tip: Cats make 60 kinds of sounds. You only need one: the low, soft purrrrrrrrrrrrrr that says "C'mon up and see me ..." #tloa

Posted on 19th October 2011
Beauty tip: Leave the butterfly chasing to boys and dogs. Butterflies taste like feet, and you don't need to leave yourself flushed. #tloa

Posted on 13th October 2011
Beauty tip: Keep after the humans about cleaning the back of the chair. You don't want that hair coming back on you. It's gross. #tloa

Posted on 12th October 2011
Beauty tip: When in doubt, arch your back. Never fails to get attention, like so:   #tloa 

Posted on 6th October
Beauty tip: You need to be in that bathroom every morning with the human. 1) Shower steam good for skin. 2) Dropped toothpaste yummy! #tloa

Posted on 5th October 2011
#tloa beauty tip: Never let them see you grooming. Others must assume you look that great with no effort.

Posted on 28th September 2011
My beauty tip: If someone ever throws a treat in your direction, you ignore it! You deserve it on a silver platter, sisterhood.

Posted on 22nd September 2011
#tloa beauty advice column -- If you fall when making a jump from table to end table, YOU MEANT TO DO THAT! Turn any misstep into an asset.

Posted on 15th September 2011
#tloa beauty tip: Pick best window in house and OWN that. A) You need sun. B) Great place to be photographed like her:

Posted on 7th September 2011
Beauty tips column for The ladies Of Autumn. Gettin' a fella: Always grab the high ground of coffee table so you can both flirt AND bat him about the head.

Posted on 1st September 2011
My beauty advice for The Ladies Of Autumn - prance, right paw over face, curtsy (flashbulbs pop!), left paw over face, prance and pirouette. 

Posted on 29th August 2011
My new beauty advice for The Ladies Of Autumn. Strut, turn to the left, arch back, turn to the right, strut.
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Colorful Calicoes Scylla & Chimera

Scylla is in the top two pictures and Chimera is in the side and bottom pictures.