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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Scout - joined August 2011
Scout is described as an 'all-around badass'. She can barely tolerate sharing space with her brother, Jem. Her motto would appear to be: 'I go where I want, when I want'. She has given some valuable advice and beauty tips via The Ladies Of Autumn hashtag (#TLOA). Scout is one of the founder members of the Ladies Of Autumn and a proud comrade in the Whiskas Liberation Front (#WLF).

(Her eyes are not usually that colour, there was a photoshopping incident apparently - Ed.)


  1. An example of Scout's advice and beauty tips posted on Twitter: My new beauty advice column for #Ladiesofautumn. Strut, turn to left, arch back, turn to right, strut. #tortiesrule

  2. I saw that advice and I am practicing it efurry day!


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