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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introduction To The Ladies Of Autumn

The sun illuminates the colours of autumn
I first met Admiral Hestorb, a gorgeous tortoiseshell lady, on Twitter at the beginning of August 2011. We discussed the formation of a group of tortoiseshell cats, a subject she had considered with others before. The alliance would celebrate the beauty and elegance of tortoiseshell, calico and torbie cats. The Admiral and I were marvelling at the range and intensity of the tortoiseshell colours and she referred to all of us as 'ladies of autumn'. This pertinent description of our lovely coats provided the obvious name for our group. My next posts will consist of a photograph and description of each of the members of the Ladies Of Autumn (known on Twitter as #TLOA).

By Dr. Bess Watkins (30th August 2011)


  1. WOW! Aren't we a beautiful lot.

  2. You're absolutely right, Toulouse. Individually, we are gorgeous but when we're grouped together, the result is breathtaking. The elegant and beautiful Ladies Of Autumn.

  3. What a purrfect illustration of the glowing colors of a Lady of Autumn. Such richness and satiny glow..breathtaking.

  4. I haven't posted my picture yet, but I am a beautiful Calico kitty named Clarissa. I have two calico sisters, Fiona and Serendipity, and two tortie sisters, Daisy and Jazzpurr.

  5. Dear Clarissa,
    I have sent you The Ladies Of Autumn membership requirements. Thanks for your interest.
    Kind regards, Dr. Bess

  6. Yay for the Ladies of Autumn! How do I become a member?


  7. Hiya!! I am a member and am in the process of inducting others to join this beautiful group of kitties.

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  9. Dear MoMo,

    It was lovely to hear that there will be more gorgeous ladies joining our alliance celebrating the beauty and elegance of tortoiseshell, calico and torbie cats. Keep up the networking, MoMo, it's much appreciated.

    With best wishes,

    Dr. Bess Watkins

  10. Hello My Beautiful Sisters,,, Now that me iz a member, me too will be on the look owt fur otherz also to join us ~ Purrz~ Ana

  11. Both a calico (Caitie) and a torbie (Lizzie) live at our house so we approve of any endeavor that celebrates our kind.

  12. Dear A Few Good Cats,

    Please ask the ladies if they would be interested in joining our celebration of autumnal beauty.

    Many thanks,


  13. We are beautiful ladies of Autumn! I'm a muted Calico (peach, white, and grey). Me-Ommmmm

  14. OH LADIES! Those who have not joined yet, please do!


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